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Character Education

As part of developing the whole child, we always have a school wide character development program to foster and reinforce core character skills.

Our developmental guidance program is designed based upon the framework outlined by Texas' school counseling curriculum. We focus as a school on specific character skills each month, targeting specific health TEKS. Below you will find our monthly character skills and specific goals they meet.
Integrity: Following Directions/ Getting attention appropriately
Failure leads to Success: Making Mistakes/Accepting Criticism
Speak with good purpose: Respect/Manners/Compassion/Empathy
This is it: Paying attention/ Time management/ Organization
Commitment: Effort/ Perseverance/ Goal Setting
Flexibility: Accepting "no" for an answer/ Fairness/ Diversity
Ownership: making Good Choices/ Disagreeing appropriately/ Bullying
Balance: Responsibility/ Feelings/ Independence